Tortuguero, Costa Rica

Costa Rican Monkey

Since 2001, The Oxford Society has been active in conservation and education efforts in the Central American country of Costa Rica. Many of those efforts have taken place in Tortuguero, located in the country’s northeast corner. Tortuguero is a land dominated by water, a patchwork of wetlands, canals and wet forests, bordered on the east by the Caribbean Sea. The black sand beaches of Tortuguero—which translates as "place of the turtles"—provide invaluable nesting sites for green and leatherback sea turtles.

TOS works with Tortuguero residents and local organizations to improve and protect the local environment, for people and wildlife alike. In partnership with Costa Rican non-profits, such as Tasbayam ( "the land that saw us born") and The Volunteer Association for the Protected Areas (ASVO). TOS helps fund conservation, education, and research efforts.

TOS also supports Costa Rican and international students who come to learn in this unique and lovely place. Those students live and work at the Robles-Kaufman Research Station, situated on seven acres of tropical forest nestled between the town and the nearby national park. TOS provided the funding needed to build the station.

Here are a few of the projects and programs TOS has supported:
Research on green sea turtles and their nesting sites
Training programs for sea turtle guides (a project that provides income for local residents)
Clean-ups of Tortuguero beaches
Environmentally sound removal of trash from the town and local area
Environmental education programs in local schools
Spay/neuter programs for stray dogs, which sometimes dig up and destroy sea turtle nests