In the ancient Miskito Indian language, Tasbayam means "The land that saw us born." Based in Tortuguero, Tasbayam is a non-profit organization connected to The Oxford Society through our shared missions and goals. The Oxford Society also helps to support Tasbayam with grants and joint projects.

Tasbayam exists to provide sound, balanced environmental education in Costa Rica and to provide support for the conservation of the nation's ecosystems, habitats, and fauna and flora. Tasbayam places special emphasis on Tortuguero and works with local citizens to protect its endangered animals and plants and to reforest its riverbanks.

In the future, Tasbayam will use funds to design and build environmentally responsible facilities (such as classrooms and lodging and to develop local and regional environmental education programs, such as training courses for green-sea-turtle tour guides.

If you'd like to learn more about Tasbayam or become involved with its work, please contact us at kaufmadg@muohio.edu.